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Hai Moldova! Clean-up in the City of Ceadir Lunga

September 15, 2018

Hai Moldova!
This past Saturday, teenagers from various schools in the city of Ceadir Lunga came together and helped clean one of the areas that has a lot of thrash. Students between 9 to 12 class took thrash bags, gloves, and walked around the field to pick up plastic bottles, broken glass, paper, and all kinds of rubbish.
Littering is a big problem in many communities in Moldova. Adults and children often throw thrash in the streets, parks and nature. It is sad because Moldova is a beautiful country full of trees, fields and beautiful farms. We should teach our children not to litter. If they eat candy, we should teach them to throw them in the garbage can and never litter. It causes problems for nature if we treat our land like a trash can.

Thanks to the nationwide effort in Moldova, the “Hai Moldova” campaign raised awareness for cleaning up public places all over Moldova. Thousands of people volunteered and cleaned up the streets of their villages, towns, and cities. It is great and encouraging to see Moldovans being active in taking care of their communities.

In Ceadir Lunga, the cleaning effort was led by the local Non-Government Organization “Pharos”. Through their organization the cleanup in Ceadir Lunga was a success. We went to the big field near the 6th school and picked up all the trash we could find. Now the area is a lot cleaner!

Hopefully, we can keep our streets, parks and public places clean from trash. Let’s work together. Hai Moldova!

пятница, 24 августа 2018 г.

Days of Diaspora

Wednesday, August 22 2018

Days of Diaspora

On the 22nd of August, the Public Regional Library of Ceadir Lunga held an interesting and important event to celebrate Days of the Diaspora of the Republic of Moldova, and to showcase the diversity of the people of Ceadir Lunga. We had interesting presentations about these topics.

First, we learned about the migration phenomenon in Moldova, and how Gagauzians travel to different countries for work, especially the young people. We discussed the benefits and disadvantages of this event. Then, we had a presentation about the history of Diaspora in Ceadir Lunga raion.

            During the 19th to the 20th centuries, Moldova, then known as Bessarabia, had people from multiple nationalities. In Gagauzia, Albanians, Jews, Roma people, Bulgarians, Aermenians, Germans, French, Russians, Ukrainians and more all lived together in many communities. For example, the village of Feropontievca has a lot of Ukrainians living in it. The village of Tarutino was once the center of German diaspora in Moldova, and the Germans left before the First World War began. There were also Polish families that lived in Ceadir Lunga and Gaidar. In addition, a big population of Jews and Roma people have also integrated into the Gagauz autonomy. Now there are only very few Jewish people in Ceadir Lunga.

            We also had an amazing presentation about one of the oldest families in Ceadir Lunga, beginning with the man named Grigori Fomichov, and the story of his children, and their children’s children, up to 6 generations of Fomichov and his descendants living in our community. It was very interesting to hear about him and the story of each of his family members and their descendants from the 19th century to the present.

            Then, we had an interesting discussion about the Roma people in Gagauzia, and we talked about the songs and dances of the Roma, and what we can do in the future to show these beautiful traditions and celebrate them in our community.

            Overall, it was a wonderful event and we are glad that many people from our community such as the chairperson of the Raion of Ceadir Lunga, the chief of management of the culture of the Raion of Ceadir Lunga, and other members of the community who shared stories and spoke about the diaspora in Moldova and Ceadir Lunga. Thank you everyone who participated in this event!

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четверг, 17 мая 2018 г.

New Books!!!

May 17, 2018

We received new books in the American Corner!

Thanks to our partnership with American Corners Moldova, a batch of new books for teenagers are now available in the library. These are highly acclaimed books and are considered as classics in the Young Adult (YA) genre. Perhaps you have read some of these books already.

Not only are these books written for children and teenagers, they also deal with deep themes that many adults can understand better, like the Little Prince, written by Antoine Saint-Exupery, about a prince who travels many planets and learn about love, friendship, and the special experience of the world in the eyes of a child.

His Dark Materials Trilogy
Some of these books are fantasy. The Dark Materials Trilogy (The Golden Compass, the Subtle Knife, the Amber Spyglass) by English author Philip Pullman explores the fantastic world of Lyra, a young girl who goes in an epic adventure in different worlds, searching for answers surrounding the mysterious power of Dust. In a world where our inner souls are physically manifested as animal companions, Lyra undergoes the transformation of being a child and into adulthood, making friends with witches, talking bears, and angels. For readers who want to be transported into another world, we recommend that you read these wonderful and epic books.

The Book Thief is also a coming of age novel of a girl living in Nazi Germany, and how the importance of books plays a part in upholding our morals, in a time of chaos and destruction. It deals with serious themes like death, love, and language, reading and writing as symbols of freedom and identityIt was made into a film a few years ago, and it is one of the most influential Young Adult novels of our generation.

Reading is important, especially when we are young. The more we read, the more we can open our minds to different ideas, and be transported to amazing new and meet characters much like ourselves. We hope to see you in the American Corner, and borrow the new books that we have, as well as other books in our collections!

Happy reading!

понедельник, 7 мая 2018 г.

Korean Culture Night

May 4 2018

Last Friday, we at the American Corner were visited by a wonderful guest. Ellen Kim, a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Cimislia, came to the Public Library and the American Corner and participated in our English Discussion Club. Many of our students are interested in Korean culture. Ellen, as a Korean-American, was kind enough to share her experience as an immigrant to the US and growing up in two cultures. She also had a few treats for our students!

One of the students, Nastya, gave a nice presentation about the culture of South Korea. She talked about clothing, manners, holidays, music, and of course food! After the presentation, our students asked Ellen many questions about her culture, the relationship between North and South Korea, and other things! It was very good to see them engaged and curious about the Korean culture!

Then, Ellen taught us how to make kimbap (gimbap), which is a Korean dish made of cooked rice, vegetables, meat and rolled all together in a seaweed. It looked like Japanese sushi. The students had a great time learning about the ingredients and using their own hands to make them! Afterwards we cut up all the kimbap and shared them with each other! It was very delicious and overall a great learning experience for all of us!

Thank you so much for visiting us Ellen! We learned so much about your culture, and we hope to see you again soon!